"I'll give you the whole secret of short-story writing, and here it is: Rule 1. Write stories that please yourself. There is no rule 2."
- O. Henry

O. Henry was one of the most prominent American short stories writers. The “English Point” language school offers “O. Henry” exchange programs for pupils and students around the world. Inspired by short stories of this famous writer, we created an opportunity for young people to improve their personal development in an interactive and fun way! Our program is a combination of studying, traveling, making new friends and having lots of fun, which together will provide an unforgettable experience. We also hope that this time of studying and recreation in the marvelous and interesting places of Europe will broaden young people’s minds and increase their desire for constant learning and self-development. No matter how good your English already is you will always find a proper course in our program. Look for the exchange program offers for 2013 on the main page.