Learn English in an intensive and fun way!
“O. Henry” provides opportunity for studying with the high-level English teachers in pleasant conditions where you will be able to meet people from other countries and share your culture and experience. This whole process of studying and recreation will not only help in learning the language but also become an enjoyable adventure!

Vacation English courses
“O. Henry” vacation English courses give you a wonderful opportunity to combine studying the English language with leisure as well as an opportunity to study the history and cultures of different countries. The lessons are focused on four key language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

It is a perfect program for you if YOU:
- want to combine learning English with fun
- want to improve your English while visiting foreign countries and discovering new cultures
- want to go on an adventure!

The English courses activities 
Our programs are elaborated in such a way that students will be able to discover the most famous places of the hosting country. Apart from classroom lessons there will be lots of outdoor activities which will give the young person a chance to speak English as well as to get to know other students and make friends. 

Accommodation is an important part of the English course and also one of our priorities. One can be sure that all the hotels or guest houses for students will be to the highest standards. We provide comfortable and safe conditions that will help to create lasting memories. You will find descriptions of the accommodation in the project details.